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TENNESSEANS FOR QUALITY EARLY EDUCATION is a bipartisan coalition of business, law enforcement, faith, education, civic organizations and individuals committed to quality early childhood education as an essential foundation and urgent priority for a thriving Tennessee.

Tennessee law enforcement leaders support quality early education because we know investment in quality early childhood education results in:

  • A strong, more wholesome community
  • Reduced crime and a better quality of life
  • More jobs and tax revenue to improve our law enforcement capabilities
    • We support the vision that by 2025, at least seventy-five percent of Tennessee’s third graders will be proficient in reading and math, thereby establishing a solid foundation for future academic achievement, employability, and success in life.

      I am proud to support the work of Tennesseans for Quality Early Education. Law enforcement leaders see firsthand and the research is clear that high-quality early learning programs set our children up for success and can steer kids away from crime.

      David Rausch Chief of Police, Knoxville

      Join other law enforcement, civic and business organizations today by pledging to support policies and practices that advance this vision for our children and our state!

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We’re proud to champion Tennessee’s Early Childhood Education needs and we’re making a difference! Take a moment to review the results form our recent poll. There’s always more to be done so we thank you in advance for joining us and helping strengthen further!


PreK Quality

Preserved PreK for xx,000 4-year olds while insisting on quality in EVERY classroom.

Parent Engagement

Launched new academic parent-teacher partnerships.


Defended aligned assessments and kindergarten portfolio as critical tools for monitoring and improving student progress.

Great Teachers & Leaders

Initiated two vital and actionable studies with Vanderbilt University and Tennessee Department of Education to drive improvements in early grades instruction.

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