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Other than an optional second grade year-end assessment, there are currently no statewide data that inform stakeholders and policymakers about how children are progressing in the early grades, Pre-k through 2nd grade. The new student growth portfolio model is a significant step in the right direction to improve instruction in the early grades.

The new model provides a growth measure for teachers’ evaluations aligned to their practice, as well as a means for teachers to continuously monitor students’ learning. The model does not, however, provide policymakers and stakeholders with outcome data that can be used to assess overall student progress aligned to grade-level standards. Furthermore, there is almost no data on outcomes for children in other forms of state-subsidized care prior to school. To achieve Tennessee’s ambitious goals for third grade outcomes, it’s critical for the state to build a system of checkpoints to monitor and improve early childhood development, instructional practices, and program quality, and tie those checkpoints to improvement efforts where public investments are being made in early education.

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87% favor utilizing age-appropriate assessments in pre-K through 2nd grade to help teachers and parents know children are learning at grade-level.

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Our priorities for strengthening early learning accountability and continuous improvement systems are that Tennessee will:

  • Aggregate and analyze data from state-funded prevention and early intervention programs serving families of children birth to age 5 to effectively target early intervention resources;
  • Collect and use instructional and program quality data, as well as student growth and achievement data, to assess and improve the quality of instruction every year, from pre-k through second grade.

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PreK Quality

Preserved PreK for xx,000 4-year olds while insisting on quality in EVERY classroom.

Parent Engagement

Launched new academic parent-teacher partnerships.


Defended aligned assessments and kindergarten portfolio as critical tools for monitoring and improving student progress.

Great Teachers & Leaders

Initiated two vital and actionable studies with Vanderbilt University and Tennessee Department of Education to drive improvements in early grades instruction.

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